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Appendix 1. Overview of LI Database Structure and Contents
Appendix 2a. The LI Category Index (in order of code)
Appendix 2b. The LI Category Index (in order of topic)

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Appendix 2a: The LI Category Index (in order of code)
Note: The codes actually used in LI are shown in bold face. These are all lowest-level codes. If you need to use a higher-level code, stem-searching will be required using the "Starting with" comparison operator.
A1: Foreign Policy
A1.01 Western Europe A1.02 North America A1.03 Central & South America A1.04 Far East & Australasia A1.05 South & South East Asia A1.06 Middle & Near East A1.07 Africa A1.08 NATO & the West A1.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia A1.10 UN and Global
A2 Defence Policy
A2.01 Western Europe A2.02 North America A2.03 Central & South America A2.04 Far East & Australasia A2.05 South & South East Asia A2.06 Middle & Near East A2.07 Africa A2.08 NATO & the West A2.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia A2.10 Space Policy
A3 Domestic Policy
A3.01 Western Europe A3.02 North America A3.03 Central & South America A3.04 Far East & Australasia A3.05 South & South East Asia A3.06 Middle & Near East A3.07 Africa A3.08 NATO & the West A3.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia
A4: Economic & Trade Policy
A4.01 Western Europe A4.02 North America A4.03 Central & South America A4.04 Far East & Australasia A4.05 South & South East Asia A4.06 Middle & Near East A4.07 Africa A4.08 NATO & the West A4.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia A4.10 Global
A5: Arms Control & Disarmament
A5.1 Inventory Levels A5.2 Verification & Compliance A5.3 Counter-Proliferation
A6: NBC Policy
A6.1 Nuclear Warfare A6.2 Biological Warfare A6.3 Chemical Warfare
A7: Terrorism, Organized Crime & Counter-Insurgency
A7.1 Terrorism A7.2 Organized Crime & Drug Trafficking A7.3 Insurgency & Subversion
A8 Environmental & Ecological Policy
A9 Religion and Politics
B1: NBC Strategy & Doctrine
B1.1 Nuclear Warfare B1.2 Biological Warfare B1.3 Chemical Warfare
B2: Conventional Warfare
B2.1 Ground Environment B2.2 Sea Power B2.3 Air Power B2.4 General Principles & Joint Warfare
B3 Unconventional Warfare
B4 Space Warfare
C1: Ground Forces
C1.01 Western Europe C1.02 North America C1.03 Central & South America C1.04 Far East & Australasia C1.05 South & South-East Asia C1.06 Middle & Near East C1.07 Africa C1.08 NATO & the West C1.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia C1.10 UN
C2: Naval & Maritime Forces
C2.01 Western Europe C2.02 North America C2.03 Central & South America C2.04 Far East & Australasia C2.05 South & South-East Asia C2.06 Middle & Near East C2.07 Africa C2.08 NATO & the West C2.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia C2.10 UN
C3: Military Aerospace
C3.01 Western Europe C3.02 North America C3.03 Central & South America C3.04 Far East & Australasia C3.05 South & South-East Asia C3.06 Middle & Near East C3.07 Africa C3.08 NATO & the West C3.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia C3.10 UN
C4:  Government & Other
C4.01 Western Europe C4.02 North America C4.03 Central & South America C4.04 Far East & Australasia C4.05 South & South-East Asia C4.06 Middle & Near East C4.07 Africa C4.08 NATO & the West C4.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia C4.10 UN
D1 Espionage & Counter-Espionage
D2: Surveillance & Reconnaissance
D2.1 Strategic D2.2 Operational D2.3 Tactical
D3 Intelligence Analysis & Handling
D4 Deception, Concealment & Surprise
D5 Intelligence Policy & Management
E01 Ground Operations -- Conventional
E02 Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC)
E03 Peace-Keeping & Peace Enforcement
E04: Air Operations
E04.1 Tactical Air Power & Air-to-Ground Combat E04.2 Airborne & Airmobile
E05 Naval & Amphibious
E06 Home & Civil Defence
E07 Internal Security & Counter-Insurgency
E08 Operational Planning
E09 Operational Reserves
E10 Command, Control & Communications (C3)
E11 Clandestine & Special Forces
E12: Special Conditions: Climate & Terrain
E12.1 Cold Weather Operations E12.2 Desert & Heat E12.3 Jungle & Close Country E12.4 Mountains E12.5 Urban Warfare E12.6 Water Obstacles
F1 Combined Arms
F2 Infantry
F3 Armour
F4 Artillery
F5 Special Forces
F6 Engineer
F7 Night Combat
F8 Air Defence
F9 Tactical Planning & Doctrine (Land Warfare)
G1 Morale
G2 Leadership & Command
G3 Personnel & Financial
G4 Military Law & Regulations
G5 Military Medicine & Health Care
G6 Prisoners of War & Internment
G7 Recruitment, Mobilization, Disestablishment, Demobilization
G8 Reserve Components
H1 General Systems & Concepts
H2 Transport & Resupply
H3 Commodities
H4 Repairs & Maintenance
H5 Clothing & Equipment
H6 Quartering & Construction
J01: Missiles & Rockets
J01.1 Strategic J01.2 Surface-to-Surface J01.3 Surface-to-Air J01.4 Air-to-Surface J01.5 Air-to-Air J01.6 Anti-Armour J01.7 Guidance Systems & Decoy Measures
J02 Armoured Combat Vehicles
J03 Artillery
J04 Infantry Weapons & Small Arms
J05 Engineer
J06: Command, Control, & Communications (C3)
J06.1 C3 Systems J06.2 Electronic Warfare J06.3 Electronics J06.4 Computers (Hardware) J06.5 Computers (Software) J06.6 Man-Machine Interface & Robotics
J07 Logistics
J08: Mines, Ammunition & Explosive Ordnance (including clearance and disposal technologies)
J08.1 Land Mines J08.2 Naval Mines J08.3 Ammunition and Explosives
J09: Surveillance & Intelligence
J09.1 Radar & Radio J09.2 Optical, Optronic & Acoustic J09.3 Surface Platforms J09.4 Aerospace Platforms
J10 Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC)
J11 Power, Fuels & Engines
J12 Naval
J13: Aviation
J13.1 Fixed Wing J13.2 Rotary Wing J13.3 Lighter Than Air
J14 Navigation & Position Location
J15 Internal Security & Counter-Insurgency
J16 Air Defence
J17 Directed Energy Weapons
J18 Space
J19 Environment & Weather
J20 Materials Science
K1 Policy & Planning
K2 Research, Development & Acquisition
K3 Programme Management, Manufacture & Testing
K4: Military Industry
K4.1 Manufacturers, Markets & Transfers K4.2 Equipment Exhibitions
L1 Staff & Command
L2 Field
L3 General
L4 Simulation & Modelling
L5 Technical
M1 Propaganda, Disinformation & Counter-Measures
M2 Military-Media Relations and Censorship
M3 Military Aid to the Civil Power & Humanitarian Intervention
M4 Conservation & Environment
N1 Studies & Research
N2 Pressure Groups
N3 Ethics & War
P1 Before 1800
P2 From 1800 to 1899
P3 From 1900 to 1918
P4: From 1919 to 1945
P4.1 From 1919 to 1939 (the interwar period) P4.2 From 1939-45 (WW2 in Europe) P4.3 From 1941-45 (WW2 in the Pacific)
P5: Since 1945
P5.01 Western Europe P5.02 North America P5.03 Central & South America P5.04 Far East & Australasia P5.05 South & South East Asia P5.06 Middle & Near East P5.07 Africa P5.08 NATO & the West P5.09 Eastern Europe & Eurasia
P6 General Articles & Historiography

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