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User Guide
Section 1. Access for Non-Subscribers (free)
Section 2. Login
Section 3. How to Subscribe
Section 4. Changing the User Details
Section 5. Using Advanced Search
Section 6. Using the Archive
Section 7. Exploiting the Indexes
Appendix 1. Overview of LI Database Structure and Contents
Appendix 2a. The LI Category Index (in order of code)
Appendix 2b. The LI Category Index (in order of topic)

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Section 1: Access for Non-Subscribers (free)
Using the free “Search the Database” facility:


Enter the term(s) on which you need to search into the box labelled “Look For”, and click on Go.


Suppose that you want to find material on anthrax. Enter the value anthrax (without quotation marks), and click on Go. After a few seconds, LI will return a view of the citations in which this word appears. If you enter a pair of words, such as “asymmetric warfare”, LI will return a view of citations containing those two words.


This free look-up service is intended for general users wishing to understand no more than the shape and direction of material on a selected topic - so the citations lists (or views) which it generates do not include publication data relating to the volume, issue, date or page references. Researchers requiring specific references, or access to LI’s Advanced Search facility and to the Archive section, will need to sign up for a paid subscription, as described in Section 3.

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