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Section 1. Access for Non-Subscribers (free)
Section 2. Login
Section 3. How to Subscribe
Section 4. Changing the User Details
Section 5. Using Advanced Search
Section 6. Using the Archive
Section 7. Exploiting the Indexes
Appendix 1. Overview of LI Database Structure and Contents
Appendix 2a. The LI Category Index (in order of code)
Appendix 2b. The LI Category Index (in order of topic)

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Section 6: Using the Archive
6.1 Introducing the Archive

The Archive, which is only open to paid subscribers, sets out the full contents of the LI database, organized in alphabetical order of source publication title. Each publication data page includes a link to the publication’s schedule, organized by year of publication, which provides links to the contents lists, with citations (including abstracts) of the articles indexed in each issue.

While the Archive does not provide the selective retrieval power of the indexed database, it does provide a useful means of surveying the depth and range of individual publications, as well as the climate of concerns at a particular time. The citations are listed with their index values, showing the means by which they could be individually retrieved by the search engine.

The real power of the Archive lies in revealing what you don’t know. Whereas the indexes assume that you to know what there is to search for, the Archive sets out all the material you never heard of. It also supports greater depth of understanding: for example, if you are interested in US Marine Corps thinking on its future roles, missions and capabilities, there really is no substitute for trawling through the last few years’ worth of the Marine Corps Gazette. The Archive enables you to do this.

6.2 Accessing the Archive

Step 1: Click on the Archive link on the menu bar.

Step 2: Click on the initial letter of the publication you wish to inspect.

Step 3: Click on the relevant title in the list of publications beginning with that letter. This presents you with the publication data page, which includes publisher contact information.

Step 4: Click on the publication title. This will present you with a listing of the years for which material from the selected publication is held in the LI database.

Step 5: Click on the year of interest to you.

Step 6: Click on the specific issue you wish to see. This will return a view of that issue’s contents.

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