Military Policy Research
User Guide
Section 1. Access for Non-Subscribers (free)
Section 2. Login
Section 3. How to Subscribe
Section 4. Changing the User Details
Section 5. Using Advanced Search
Section 6. Using the Archive
Section 7. Exploiting the Indexes
Appendix 1. Overview of LI Database Structure and Contents
Appendix 2a. The LI Category Index (in order of code)
Appendix 2b. The LI Category Index (in order of topic)

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Section 2: Login
Subscribers can login by entering their User Name and Password.

Users on an institutional subscription may experience a login failure producing the following message:

Sorry but the maximum number of users for this account has been exceeded. Please try again later.

This means that the full number of concurrent users allowed by your institutional subscription is currently accessing the LI database, and that you will have to wait for a slot to be freed up. If this happens repeatedly, please contact your library services manager about extending the subscription to allow for more users.

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