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User Guide
Section 1. Access for Non-Subscribers (free)
Section 2. Login
Section 3. How to Subscribe
Section 4. Changing the User Details
Section 5. Using Advanced Search
Section 6. Using the Archive
Section 7. Exploiting the Indexes
Appendix 1. Overview of LI Database Structure and Contents
Appendix 2a. The LI Category Index (in order of code)
Appendix 2b. The LI Category Index (in order of topic)

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Section 3: How to Subscribe
To subscribe, or to just see the subscription rates, click on Subscriptions on the Home Page.

Step 1: Select your desired subscription rate. Individual users with infrequent access needs can choose a low-cost day-rate.

Note (1): Institutional rates allow a limited number of concurrent sessions from an undefined number of workstations for a single User Name/Password combination. Institutional subscribers can increase the number of users at any time. The system will register the different expiry dates for mid-period increases.

Note (2): Institutional subscribers who require a pro forma invoice, or who require their subscription to run from a particular date, should contact MPR by fax at +44 1865 396050 or by email at mail@mpr.co.uk. An administration charge of $20 is charged to cover costs of processing pro-forma orders and setting up subscriptions accounts offline. Subscription agents should enter subscriptions on behalf of their clients at the normal rates, and charge their services to their clients.

Step 2: Select the currency you prefer (UK pounds or US dollars).

Step 3: Enter the User Name you wish to use when accessing the database. This has to be unique on our system - so we recommend using your email address to guarantee acceptance.

Step 4: Enter the Password you wish to use. This should comprise only letters or numerals without spaces or other characters, and is case-sensitive. You will need to confirm it by entering it a second time.

Note: LI allows subscribers to change their passwords at will. It is important not to divulge your password to others, in case they change the password without your consent, leaving you locked out of the database.

Step 5: Complete the billing information and credit card details, and confirm the transaction.

Note: Credit card details are transmitted using 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

As soon as the transaction is confirmed, you have instant access to the database. For future access, enter your User Name and Password values into the boxes provided in the Subscribers section of the Home Page, then click on Login.

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